Support via Email from Vet Helpline

Vet Helpline is a listening service for vets, vet nurses, students and any family or colleagues who are concerned about someone in the veterinary community.

Calls and emails are answered by a group of trained volunteers who have experience of the profession. We will be there to listen and offer emotional support and a space to talk about how things are for you whatever is on your mind.

All calls and emails are completely confidential. We don't mind at all if you don't give us your real name.

How Have We Made the Email Support Service Confidential and Secure?

Your email address is removed before we see your message. The address is replaced with a random number which will be matched to other emails you send, but which will not have any identifying details from your email address or your location.

Emails are kept on a secure server for 30 days so that if you want to email us again, we can see that you have contacted us before. After 30 days, all emails are automatically deleted.

When Will I Get A Reply?

We undertake to reply to your email within 24 hours.

Prefer to Speak to Us on the Phone?

You are still welcome to call us on 0303 040 2551.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties with Registration?

In the unlikely event that you have any technical issues trying to register or send a message, please email info@vetlife.org.uk or call the helpline on 0303 040 2551 (no need to give your name unless you want to).

For more general advice on the common issues faced by people in the veterinary community, visit the Vetlife main website at www.vetlife.org.uk